WHO are we?

Thinq on Purpose is a Change Management Consulting firm for Human Capital Strategy and Structure. We help in solving one of the biggest challenges of scaling a business that is process and standardization of your human capital.

We strategize, design and develop processes, structures and policy framework for your organisation that manages your most valued and dynamic asset i.e. your people.

Our purpose:

• To make you a self-reliant & process centric organisation
• To make you scale with a structure
• To make you a purposeful organisation

Our USP is in Our Approach:

Almost all reforms and changes in an organisation fail because either they are not designed well or they are not executed right. @ Thinq on Purpose we not only help you with the “what” but also the “how”. Which means for every solution we design for you, we also develop an implementation plan for its success and sustenance.

Our approach:

• Our solutions are result of design thinking, appreciative enquiry, system’s thinking, six sigma and principles of organisation development.
• We study every impacted stakeholder before designing our solutions.
• We study your organisation readiness.
• Purpose for change is derived.
• Solution is designed.
• Implementation plan is developed.

Thinq on Purpose is the brain child of Nehaa Beotra Puranik. Nehaa is from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai and is a Certified Psychometric Personal Profiling Assessor by Thomas International, a Certified Learning and Development Manager from Carlton Advance Management Institute –USA and Middle Earth Consultants, Six Sigma Green Belt trained and Yellow Belt Certified.


Nehaa has an experience of more than a decade in Talent Management, Learning and HR Technology. She has worked with Small and Mid-size organisations across multiple industries in:
  • Strategizing,
  • Designing,
  • Implementing and
  • Sustaining process, structures and policies

She is a design and process enthusiast. Nehaa is also a writer who pens down her thoughts on the changing landscape of human dynamics in the professional world.

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Thinq on Purpose is a Change Management Consulting firm for Human Capital Strategy and Structure. We help you solve one of your biggest challenges of scaling a business and that is process and standardisation of your human capital.

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E-mail: nehaa.beotra@thinqonpurpose.com
Website: www.thinqonpurpose.com
Address: Andheri East, Mumbai